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In a tough economy, new business dries up, and it’s really hard to grow your pipeline of new clients.

SmartRands helps you attract new clients that you wouldn’t normally have access to. We make it really attractive for business customers to buy your services. 

As a freelancer,  you need to make sure that when you spend on monthly expenses, that you’re smart about it. Your rands need to stretch as far as they can.

SmartRands helps you spend your money with the right businesses, to optimise your monthly spend on expenses. You’ll earn free rewards that you can use to settle current invoices that are due, or to buy almost anything else.

It’s completely free to try SmartRands. Join today. 

How can you get new clients?

List your offering

List your offering in the SmartCircle so that members can see the services you have to offer. 

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Offer a reward

Decide what percentage of the price you’re prepared to offer as a reward in SmartRands. 

Get new clients

New clients are attracted to the reward you’ve offered.

If you’ve earned SmartRands from your monthly spend, then you can use these to pay for the reward for your new customers.

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Spend Partner Benefits

Get even more new clients as a SmartRands Spend Partner – SmartCircle members pay for your services with SmartRands, but you receive the full cash price. 

How do you reduce your monthly expenses?

Identify expenses to divert to the SmartCircle

Go through your list of monthly expenses, and identify suitable alternate suppliers in the SmartCircle. 

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Decide to purchase

Get in touch with the business via the  messaging form on our site, or via the usual communication channels (telephone, website, email) as shown on their listing. Negotiate prices and goods or services exactly as if SmartRands didn’t exist.

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Claim Reward

Present us with a paid invoice to claim your free SmartRands Reward!

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Use your Rewards

Pay out your earned rewards to other SmartCircle members when they become your new customers. 

You can also use them to pay for goods and services from any online retailer (even if they’re not in the SmartCircle). 

A Quick Example

How much does it cost?


Get new clients from the SmartCircle
250 SmartRands Monthly
  • List your offering in the SmartCircle for FREE
  • Once you start getting new clients, our monthly fee is just 250 SmartRands.
  • No credit card required. No cash outlay.
  • Completely risk free. You only pay a low monthly fee once you're getting value out of our system (new clients).


Get SmartRands rewards when you buy in the SmartCircle
1% Monthly
  • Search the SmartCircle for FREE
  • Once you start earning free SmartRands, our monthly fee is just 1% of your SmartRands balance
  • No credit card required. No cash outlay.
  • Completely risk-free. You only pay a low monthly fee once you're getting value out of our system (free rewards).