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Earn & Spend SmartRands

Get New Clients & Sales

Looking to spend money on goods and services such as marketing, accounting, equipment, or anything else?

Want new customers for your goods and services?

1. Simply search for the product or service you’re looking for in the SmartCircle. Or browse to see what goods or services are on offer.  

2. See what reward the seller is prepared to pay if you buy their product or service. 

3. Deal with the seller as you normally would and then present us with a paid invoice to claim your free SmartRand Reward!

4. Spend your free SmartRands on any good or service in the SmartCircle, buy goods from big retailers, or settle any business invoice for free. 

1. List your business in the SmartCircle so that other members can see that goods and services you have to offer. 

2. Decide what percentage of the price you’re prepared to offer as a reward in SmartRands. 

3. Attract new clients that are attracted to the reward you’ve offered. Pay for these rewards using the SmartRands you’ve earned for free on your own purchases in the SmartCircle. 

4. Get even more new clients as a SmartRands Spend Partner – SmartCircle members pay for your goods or services with SmartRands, but you receive the full cash price. 

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