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  • Free business listing on the SmartCircle
  • Free marketing to SmartCircle members
  • Search for goods and services to buy in the SmartCircle


Become a SmartRands Member
R 500 Monthly
  • You only need to upgrade once you get value out of our system
  • Become a Premium member in order to spend SmartRands on goods and services in the SmartCircle
  • Become a Premium member in order to accept SmartRands from other members when you sell your goods and services


Limited Offer
R 500* Monthly
  • Same benefits as PREMIUM
  • Your R500 monthly fee is given straight back to you in SmartRands (so you start off each month with an additional 500 SmartRands)
  • This benefit is paid for life (as long as you remain a Premium member).
  • Limited to the first 500 businesses that take up the offer

Are you sure you want to DO THAT?

We’re looking out for you and want you to make the best decision.

The Early Joiner Special Offer is a much better choice. It offers everything that the normal Premium Membership does but in addition you get your monthly fee paid back to you in SmartRands every month. That’s 500 SmartRands added to your SmartWallet every month as long as you remain a member.